Not Getting Chapter Exchange

If you are not receiving Chapter Exchange or wish to do so, you will need to subscribe on the new site.    

The new Chapter Exchanges uses a notification system to notify you when there are posts.  Like the old system, you can set your preferences to get these notifications on an individual basis (each time a post is created or replied to), on a daily basis (like Daily Digest) or weekly.  The default once you subscribe is the Daily summary of posts.

IMPORTANT:   Members, if you haven't yet activated your account on the new site, please go to 


How to Subscribe to the Entire Chapter Exchange

Log into the new site.  The Chapter Exchange is only available for members.   Once you have logged into the site, go to the MEMBERS navigation and choose Chapter Exchange. 



Be sure you click on "Subscribe to forum" (see screen shot) so that you are Subscribed to the Chapter Exchange.   If you subscribe from this main page, you are subscribed for all posts. If you have subscribed, that link will change to "Subscribed to forum".


Now, you can set the desired notification timeframe - individual for all posts as they are posted (that includes replies to posts), daily summary for all posts and replies and weekly.

Go to your profile.   To reach your profile, you click on your name at the top of the screen page.   This will always take you to your profile. Your profile i where you manage your preferences and your content.   This is similar to the My Account page on the old site - you click a link to set your Chapter Exchange preference to either individual or daily.   To do on the new Chapter Exchange, go to MY PROFILE and click on Email subscriptions.   

Here's what the Email subscriptions page looks like after clicking Email subscriptions.    Note that under Forum subscriptions, you'll see that you are subscribed to the Chapter Exchange.

If you do not see that you are subscribed to Chapter Exchange, then you are not subscribed.  Go back to step 2.


Now, to make a  change, click the Edit profile button on the upper right (see screen shot above).  Once we have clicked on Edit, here's what we see (screen shot below).   We can change our email preferences and we can manage our forum subscriptions.   In this case, we're looking at the Forum subscriptions and we see the Chapter Exchange.   The pull down menu shows the interval of sends.  We can set that to Daily (a summary of all posts and reply sent once a day) or Immediate (all posts and replies as they are created) and weekly.   In this case, we'll set it like the old Chapter Exchange to Daily.   Some therapists like to get a notification each time something is posted, if so, please choose "individual."   You can change this at any time. 

Ways to Best Use the Notifications

Depending on your settings, you'll get a notification when a new post is posted or a post is replied to.  If you're reading the Daily Digest (summary) of all posts, you'll see a number - if it's a 1, that means it's a new topic.  If you see a number higher than 1, that means there are replies to that post.  In this example, we see the number 1 - that means it is an original post.  No responses.  However, if we look at the second topic, we see that there are 2 posts.

If this were my post and I wanted to see if anyone responded, all I need to do is see if that number is greater than 1 when I get my Daily Summary in the evening.   If I posted the Domestic Violence - Legal Issues, I'd know if someone responded to my post because the number is greater than 1.     This is a sample email of the Daily summary of updates for Chapter Exchange from SCV-CAMFT (Daily Digest).

You will see the topic title (let's say Domestic Violence - Legal Issues) in the Daily Summary when it is posted.  Let's say the next day, that topic is replied to.    You might think you are receiving the same topic, but you will see that the number of posts has increased.  This tells you there are replies.  

You could also set your preferences to get notified just for that specific topic - and get those notifications on a individual basis.    That's a great feature when you want to get notified with any responses just to your topic.    The process is the same, you subscribe to the topic and choose "individual."  You will still get your Daily summary (assuming you are subscribed to the entire forum) but you will also get notification when someone responds to the topic you are interested in.

Do I Have to Go Back and Forth between the Email and the Website?

Absolutely NOT.   If you click on a topic you are interested in from the email, it will bring you to that specific topic.  If you want to see the other posts, click on the "breadcrumb" for Chapter Exchange.  This will bring you back to the list of posts (and the most recent will be on top).   No need to go back and forth.



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