Using Social Media Account Logins for New SCV-CAMFT Site

You can log into the new SCV-CAMFT website in two ways:  By entering your email address and password, or click one of the social network login buttons.  You will be prompted to sign into the corresponding social network. If you are already logged into your social network using the same email address associated with the new SCV-CAMFT site, clicking the button will automatically log you into your SCV-CAMFT account. 

Once you are logged in via a social network, your social network details – including your network name and avatar – will be displayed within the Social network login section of your private member profile.

If you use a different email address for your social network account, you can click the Connect button to log into your social network. To disconnect from your social network without logging off from your Wild Apricot account, click the Disconnect link from your member profile.




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