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Q: Why can't I log in?
A: If you have forgotton your password, see below. If you try to recover your password and the system does not recognize your email address on the new site, please try email addresses you have used in the past with us. Please contact us using the Help tab on the right bottom side of the website pages if you still can't log in.

Q: I can't log into the site and forgot my password. How do I get my password?
A: When you click on the login at the top of the SCV-CAMFT site, you'll see a place for your username and password. You will also see a link to retrieve your username or password. If you enter the email address that we have on file, we will email you a new password. Please allow several minutes to have this happen. If you don't receive your new password, please check your SPAM or junk mail folder. If you are still not receiving your email with the new password, please contact us by clicking on the Help tab on the right side of any page of the website.

Q: Why doesn't my password that I used for the OLD site work on the NEW site?
A:  We did not have access to your password on the old site.   This is a best practice for security.  Only you should know your password.    So, we have set up a page on the NEW site that allows you to reset your password.  Go to to activate your membership on the new site (if you are already a member) and this will also allow you to reset your password.

Q: How do I update my profile?
A: Log into the site and you will see a link at the top of the page with your name.  Click that. You can edit all information on your profile including your email subscriptions.

Q: How do I change my username, password or email address?
A: You will need to log into the site and click on the link at the top of the page with your name to change your username or password. Please be sure to use a secure password. We recommend using a different password for logging into each different Internet site - and - don't use a paswword that can be figured out (your dog's name, your birthday, your phone number, your address). Secure passwords are not words in a dictionary, are 7 characters or more, contain upper and lower case letters and one or more numbers.

To change your email address, click on the link with your name to change your email address or addresses. Please also send us an email to letting us know you changed your email address. This will ensure that you will get the mailings we send to members.   We do maintain several systems - one is the website and the other is a system to send out our e-mail notifications.   

Q: I am not receiving the Chapter Exchange Messages. What's up with that?
A: Please log into the NEW site, go to the Chapter Exchange page (under the MEMBER menu) and select the page "Chapter Exchange". Be sure that you are subscribed to the Chapter Exchange by clicking Subscribe to forum. If you are still not receiving messages, be sure they are not being blocked by your spam filter or junk mail filter (this is a common issue with email). Be sure that is a "safe sender" or added to your safe domains in your email.

Q: How will I know when my membership needs to be renewed?
A: The new site will always show your renewal date.   Please add this to YOUR calendar so that you can renew.   We do send out renewal notices.   It is fastest and very secure to use credit card or PayPal to renew your membership.

Q: Which membership category is the best for licensed therapists?
A: If you are licensed member, the Sponsor Licensed offers the best value. Sponsor level members get a lot of marketing benefits to help build your practi e.

Q: I just passed my exams, completed my hours and I'm now fully licensed and no longer an intern. What do I do?
A: Update your profile by logging into the site with your new information. Please send us an email to and we'll change your status from pre-licensed to licensed. Be sure to update your profile Personal Statement to help market your new practice.   We will upgrade your membership and let you know what the fee will be for your new licensed membership.   Please also let us know if you want to take advantage of the "best value" membership for licensed members - the Sponsor Level.   

Q: How do I add myself to the various lists (supervise interns, reduced rate)?
A: Update your profile by logging into the site and on your profile, you'll see checkboxes to select your choice. Make the choices and then be sure to click SAVE to save your changes.

Q: I noticed that some of my information on my profile on the new site is wonky or missing.  What's up with that?
A: Sigh.   We did a lot of work to get the member data from the old site.   Unfortunately, there were some pieces of data that may have been imported with some formatting errors.  Please check your profile carefully.  It's a good time to update your information too.    And, notify us if there is something still wonky.

Q:  How is the SCV-CAMFT organization related to CAMFT?

A:  CAMFT is the California association.  You must be a member of CAMFT to join your local chapter (us).   We encourage you to join CAMFT and SCV-CAMFT.  This way, you will be part of the California State association and also will be part of your local Santa Clara Valley Chapter.   This gives you access to local resources, luncheon programs, Chapter Exchange, marketing opportunities to build your practice and our Therapist Search to allow prospective clients to find you.    

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