CAMFT is the State association and provides member services as a state chapter.   SCV-CAMFT is your local chapter.  We serve members in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.  To belong to SCV-CAMFT, you must be a CAMFT member first. 

We invite you to join your local chapter if you're not already a member of SCV-CAMFT.   We provide member services that are convenient to the Santa Clara Valley area including luncheons, workshops, marketing and networking opportunities and the ability to use valuable resources like our bi-monthly newsletter, Chapter Exchange and Therapist Search for potential clients.

By joining SCV-CAMFT, you will have instant access to powerful tools to help you build your practice, events that will help you increase your skills and understanding and you'll be able to utilize the collective knowledge of our membership with networking and an online community.

Membership is available for pre-licensed and intern membership, licensed members and associate or institutional members.  Join now at  IMPORTANT:  We are transitioning to a new website.  Our temporary URL for joining (and site) is   

Q: I can't remember my username or password, and the system doesn't seem to recognize my email address.  What do I do?

A: If you're not a member of SCV-CAMFT, you won't be able to log into our site.   If you're looking for CAMFT, you can log into their site at    If you a SCV-CAMFT member and are logging into the NEW site, please follow the instructions at to set your password if you haven't already.   Please use the green help button at the bottom of pages if you need help.

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